Past Presidents

1946-47 Howard S. Clewett
1947-48 Ray F. Miller
1948-49 Newcomb C. McCarthy
1949-50 Elmer P. Nelson
1950-51 Dr. Everette J. Mallory
1951-52 Homer C. Parker
1952-53 Dr. Arthur Layton
1953-54 William J. Tyler
1954-55 Fred Perkins
1955-56 Elmer Martin
1956-57 William R. Barbier
1957-58 Thomas F. Sterner
1958-59 Clay E. Peters
1959-60 Gustave B. Faure
1960-61 D. William L. Martin
1961-62 Roy E. McKernan
1962-63 Martin R. Silva
1963-64 Dale E. Miller
1964-65 Emil J. Klemm
1965-66 Otto B. Leirsch
1966-67 Elmer A. Waterman
1967-68 Clifford F. Becker
1968-69 Byron C. Erdmann
1969-70 Marcus Dean Worcester
1070-71 John D. Lanam
1971-72 Clifton F. James
1972-73 Thomas F. McLaughlin
1973-74 Eugene R. Even
1974-75 John J. Tolle
1975-76 Thomas Dimas
1976-77 Raymond R. Richter
1977-78 Terry Ashe
1978-79 John M. Zane
1979-80 Richard G.L. Ryan
1980-81 Robert F. Guth
1981-82 C. Phillip Kelly, Jr.
1982-83 Ronald C. Zenger
1983-84 Richard D. Bealty
1984-85 Gary T. Lippincott
1985-86 J. Wayne Hall
1986-87 William M. Holdinghausen
1987-88 James A. Johnson
1988-89 R. A. McHenry
1989-90 Everett Brott
1990-91 Mark DiDuca
1991-92 George Hoffmann
1992-93 Hugh Mattingly
1993-94 Margaret McDonald
1994-95 Robert Gustafson
1995-96 Kent Rasmussen
1996-97 John Holzwarth
1997-98 Gordon Duff
1998-99 Robert DiPietro
1999 August-October, Kent Rasmussen,
1999-00 Nov. 99-Jan. 13, Marge McDonald
2000 Jan.14-April 14, Hugh Mattingly
2000 Apr. 15-June 30, Bob DiPietro
2000-01 Steve Jennings
2001-02 David Webb
2002-03 William Mannel
2003-04 Scott Steele
2004-05 Ron Jones
2005-06 Thomas Gagné
2006-07 Vickie Perez
2007-08 Pam Gray
2008-09 John Touchette
2009-10 Mary Bellefeuille
2010-11 Bob Irvine
2011-2012 Maureen Wisener
2012-2013 Dean Fender
2013-2014 John Rank
2014-2015 Justin Miley
2015-2016 Dana Gajda
2016-2017 Trudi Angel
2017-2018 Lauren Gill
2018-2019 Brian Gray



Short News Clips


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New Members

  • Tina McNeil of Big Valley Mortgage Joins Rotary


    Tina McNeil is the newest member of the Rotary Club of Paradise. She was inducted at last weeks meeting by club President and Paradise Town Manager, Lauren Gill. Tina is a loan officer with Big Valley Mortgage here in Paradise. Her office is right ...

  • Heidi Elick Joins Paradise Rotary

    Heidi Elick of Prosperity Investment Management Inc. was welcomed in the Rotary Club of Paradise at our March 1st, 2018 meeting by Club President and Town Manager Lauren Gill.
  • Kevin Kelly is Inducted into the Rotary Club of Paradise

    Kevin Kelly, Long time resident and retired AT&T Technician was inducted into the Rotary Club of Paradise at our January 4th meeting. Shown here with Margaret his bride of 38 years, they have two children and 5 grandchildren. Margaret is the Nutrition Services Director at Feather ...

  • Michelle and Phil John join Paradise Rotary Club as Dual Members.

    Michelle John, Supt. of Paradise Unified School District (PUSD) and her husband Phil John, a self employed hospital consultant were inducted into the Paradise Rotary Club by Club President Lauren Gill at our January 4th meeting. They are both long time residents of paradise with Michelle ...

  • Kevin Fullerton Joins Paradise Rotarians


    Kevin Fullerton, Director at the Feather River Hospital Cancer Center shown above with Paradise Rotary President Lauren Gill and Kevin’s sponsor Steve Crowder co-owner of  A Stitch Above Embroidery was inducted into the club at November 2, 2017 meeting.

    Kevin has lived his life serving his fellow man ...